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A Very Basic Guide To Writing Adwords Ads

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Today’s blog is a very brief guide to writing AdWords Ads and PPC ads in general. You should be aware that this is a simple guide aimed at absolute beginners.

When writing an AdWords ad, you should always be mindful of your target audience and the keywords that they will have typed in before viewing your ad.  The second point for consideration is that you are limited to a very small amount of ad text (70 characters) so make the most of it.  With this in mind you should always make sure that your ads:

Are relevent to your products and the ad group’s keywords - Provide accurate information about your product and include the keywords in title and description where suitable.

Only include useful information - For example, do not include your company name or information in your product ads.

Include a call to action - including phrases such as “buy now” can often promp an action and also make clear that you are a commercial site, not an information site.

Include Prices Where Relevent - Displaying prices in ads can often increase your conversion ratio (and ROI) but should be avoided if they are not competitive or cheaper prices are displayed by competitors.

Have a unique selling point - Look at your competitors ads and consider what distinguishes your product or service from theirs.

Have more than one Ad Variation - Create Several Ad variations and remove ads that are less successful.

Hopefully, these tips will help those new to Adwords set up a successful first campaign.