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Google Pushes Chrome

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Chrome, Google’s new browser has been around for some time now and although it is still in beta testing it has proven to be a good browser with some great features.  It will be out of beta testing early next year and Google are aiming for a wide spread distribution that will rival Microsoft’s Internet explorer for the top spot.

There are many ways that Google can market its new browser, and although using Facebook and the search engine itself to increase awareness will help a lot, pre-installation on PCs is what makes the real difference.  Internet explorer is not the most widely used browser because it is better that the others but simply because it is the default browser that comes with windows.

Google will have to work hard to even come close to rivalling IE.  FireFox has only just reached 20% global market share despite being considered superior to Internet Explorer by many people (myself included).  However, Google is a hugely powerful company and they will be making a big push in 2009. Whether IE or FireFox suffers because of this remains to be seen.  Google used to promote FireFox before the release of chrome and I expect that, as chrome becomes more popular, both IE and FireFox will see their market shares drop substantially.