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Pay Per Click Management

All companies, regardless of size can benefit from the increased exposure that Pay Per Click advertising brings. However, to maximise exposure and increase return on investment, it is recommended that any individual or business should hire a Google AdWords Professional to carry out their PPC Management.

Google AdWords Professional

All of our PPC consultants have passed the GAP exam and are Google Adword Qualified Individuals. We have extensive knowledge of the major PPC advertising programs coupled with years of experience managing Pay Per Click campaigns of all sizes. Whether we are taking over the management of an existing PPC marketing campaign or setting up a new AdWords account on behalf of our clients, we make a point of making sure that our customers are aware of every change that is made.

For ongoing management, we charge a monthly fee, but unlike many other companies, we do not require commitment to yearly or quarterly contracts. Each month, we provide detailed reports that include a breakdown of profit and costs as well as changes made and future expectations. With this detailed analysis and our commitment free approach to PPC management, you can be sure that choosing Niche to run your Pay Per Click campaigns is money well spent. Please contact us for more details.

Why Use PPC Advertising?

Currently, more than 80% of UK based Internet searches are carried out through Google, making it the main focus of all Search Engine Optimisers. Whilst "natural" or "organic" listings can take many months to become established, the pay per click (PPC) program, AdWords, offers instant exposure. Ads are shown alongside the "natural" listings and each time your ad is clicked, the user is sent to your site and a cost is incurred. The amount that you bid for these clicks affects the ranking position of your ad and the amount of traffic that will be passed to your site. However, it is not the only variable that affects your add's ranking. Ads that are considered to be more relevant to the search term will be able to achieve a higher ranking for a lower cost per click (CPC).

By using a combination of effective add writing techniques and choosing relevant keywords and add text, we are able to reduce the costs of pay per click advertising, whilst improving the exposure of your website and ultimately increasing your return on investment. Whether you have not yet established a Pay Per Click Campaign, or you feel you could be getting more out of an existing campaign, we can help. In contrast to natural SEO campaigns, changes made to AdWords Accounts have an almost instantaneous effect and the benefits can be easily quantified. With the information provided in your AdWords account tab, you can be sure that whatever money you have invested in PPC management has been more than covered by the savings that the work has resulted in. Please contact us for more information on our affordable PPC marketing options.

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