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Niche Marketing - SEO & PPC Management

Niche Marketing is an Internet Marketing company providing search engine optimisation, pay per click management and SEO friendly Web Design. Our focus is on providing cost effective marketing solutions with outstanding after sales service.

Based in Cheshire, south of Manchester, We offer a full range of marketing services including Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) management and dynamic Web design. To separate us from the pack, our primary focus has always been on customer satisfaction. We work closely with all of our clients and assign one individual to manage each account, providing our customers with a single point of contact and familiar voice to speak to regarding all aspects of their marketing campaign.

An Affordable SEO & PPC Company

Because we are a relatively small company, our overheads are low which allows us to offer Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click Management at more affordable rates than our competitors. Of course, this does not mean that we provide any less of a service. In fact, we have worked alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, helping them to refine their techniques and achieve first page listings for clients.

Our Approach To Internet Marketing

Contrary to popular opinion, the purpose of internet marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimisation is not to get sites listed on the first page of search engines, but is to increase targeted traffic and conversions. Too often, companies lose sight of this and focus their attention on listings rather than traffic. Good search engine positions do not necessary bring high levels of internet traffic, and the users that visit your site may be a far cry from your ideal audience. At Niche, our approach to Internet Marketing has always been to focus on increasing traffic and sales rather than search engine rankings.

At Niche, we understand that good SEO starts with good keyword research. Too often, we have seen websites achieve first page listings for keywords that are not searched for, or we see sites optimised for search terms that are too ambitious and result in poor positions in the SERPs. Finding the right keywords is paramount to increasing targeted internet traffic and improving your company's turnover. Whenever we work on a site, we provide detailed reports of keywords, the potential traffic they can generate and the likelihood of achieving first page listings in a given timescale.

A Comprehensive Search Engine Marketing Company

Websites can receive traffic from a wide variety of sources and a good search engine marketing company should be able to increase traffic from all sources to maximise your exposure. At Niche, we do not only concentrate on organic search engine listings and pay per click advertising but also ensure that our clients are submitted to major directories, local business listings, Google maps, Froogle and social networking sites where suitable. Although we primarily focus our paid advertising on Google AdWords, we can also create campaigns for Yahoo, Microsoft Live and even Facebook ads to maximize exposure.

How We Price SEO & PPC

At Niche, we do not have set prices for SEO and PPC, but instead offer bespoke services and agree a detailed work plan and suitable pricing structure for every client we work with. We first discuss the issues that affect a site and the goals that need to be achieved and then agree a price based on the amount of work involved in each job. Typically, we charge an upfront fee to cover the initial work to a site, followed by a monthly charge for an ongoing service which includes monthly progress reports, consultation and link building. Unlike many SEO companies, we do not require our clients to commit to a twelve month renewable contract. We prefer to let our work speak for itself and retain our customers through successful marketing strategies and good working relationships.

Our Services

We offer a full range of Internet marketing and web design services including SEO and PPC management, link building, web design and development and hosting. As we offer a full range of services, we are a popular choice for those who want to have everything under one roof. This gives you just one point of contact to handle all aspects of your online marketing. We always assign just one account manager to each client, giving you a familiar voice to talk who knows your business and any recent changes that your site may be undergoing. It is this personal touch that separates us from the competition and we are proud to call ourselves a customer focused Internet marketing company.

SEO Friendly Web Design

Our team of web designers have extensive experience of building Ecommerce and other dynamic sites and have detailed knowledge of all common languages including HTML, PHP and ASP. All websites that are created by Niche are guaranteed SEO friendly to give your site the best possible start. As standard, we will ensure that website code is clean and valid to W3C standards, SEO friendly URLs are used throughout the site and page titles and descriptions contain relevant keywords. Our SEO friendly web design is included free on all sites and will safeguard against any problems further down the line.

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